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Surprisingly Enticing: Suburbs Are Calling Some Young Couples

  • November 16, 2011

by Erin Calandriello

Nick Jaworski and Yvette Madey

Many experts say that a rebound in the Chicago housing market is dependent on young professionals making that move to buy. And the prevailing thinking is that, when the time is right, the majority of this group wants to purchase a home in the city. But some younger couples, like Nick Jaworski and Yvette Madey, are thinking that they will look to the suburbs to get more for their dollar.

Currently, Jaworski works full-time while attending law school at night and Madey, his fiancee, works as a nurse at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in University Village. While they plan on moving into an apartment together after they get married in July, Madey currently lives in an apartment on the Southwest side and Jaworski lives with his parents in Joliet. Their plan is to rent until Nick finishes school and they have paid down some loans, but when it comes time to buy, they will look outside the city.

“We prefer to move to the suburbs because we like the idea of having a yard and more space for less money,” Jaworski explained. He said they’re considering locations south of Chicago, but north of Bolingbrook, like LaGrange or a place between Joliet (Jaworski’s hometown) and the city, like Tinley Park. As UrbanTurf reported yesterday, data shows that home buyers can get more bang for their buck in almost any suburb south or west of the city.

Jaworski added that their preference for the suburbs is not tied to thoughts about schools for their future kids. It’s about having a place to call home for awhile.

“I am more concerned about being settled,” he said. “I have moved eight times in the past six years. The thought of having to move into apartments numerous times while I’m married makes me want to scream.”

Even though the suburbs are calling, Jaworski said that they won’t completely leave Chicago in the rear view.

“Even when we do move to the suburbs, we will always spend time in the city.”

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