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What Are Chicago’s Most Hipsterific Neighborhoods?

  • May 26, 2011

by Jacqueline Zenn

While Wicker Park is widely considered the city’s main hipster enclave, UrbanTurf decided to do some research and see which Chicago areas really are the most hipster-centric.

UrbanTurf’s un-scientific method included combining our own knowledge of various neighborhoods, Yelp’s neighborhood search where the word “hipster” was mentioned the most, and a poll of our Twitter followers to get their thoughts on which areas have the most hipster flair. While we weren’t able to play Hipster Bingo in each of the neighborhoods we chose below, there are definitely plenty of skinny jeans, fixies, and specials on PBR being advertised in bar windows. For reference, here are the top ten hipster neighborhoods according to Yelp:

chicago hipster neighborhoods

Common characteristics in all of these neighborhoods include an abundance of inexpensive rental properties (often lofts or rehabbed older buildings), art galleries, vintage stores, cheap ethnic eateries, and dive bars. While it is certainly possible to be a wealthy hipster, based on these areas, the cliche of twenty-something white kids with artistic careers holds somewhat true (and after all, Chicago is the city that has given the world

However, UrbanTurf’s top three — Wicker Park, Logan Square, and the dark horse, Humboldt Park — each have real estate prices that cater to buyers in varying price brackets.

If you want to buy in Wicker Park, you’ll likely need some cash, as the median sales price last month was $385,000. Logan Square is generally cheaper, with a median price of $187,500. Humboldt Park is the least costly of the city’s hipster neighborhoods, with a median sales price of just $67,000.

If we missed your choice for most hipster-oriented neighborhood, let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Matt said at 11:11 pm on Friday August 19, 2011:

    *Wicker Park is obvious at #1. The most hipster place I’ve ever seen.
    *Logan Square is kind of like Wicker Park-lite.
    *Bucktown is more or less the same neighborhood as Wicker Park, but the rent gets cheaper as you move away from Milwaukee Avenue.
    *Ukranian Village, like Bucktown, is more or less a cheaper extension of Wicker Park.
    *Uptown has some clubs that must draw the hipsters.
    *Noble Square, like Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Ukranian Village, is part of West Town. Yet another neighborhood serving as an extension of Wicker Park’s hipster population, specifically the ones that can’t afford an apartment right over Ragstock.
    *If there are hipsters in Humboldt Park, they’re probably not locals. They most likely answered an apartment ad claiming to rent in “West Wicker Park”. West Wicker Park isn’t real. It’s just code for Humboldt Park, where you start getting into some of the less friendly, less hip parts of the West Side.
    *All I know about Andersonville is that it’s gay-friendly and not Boystown.
    *Honestly, I’m surprised Pilsen is that low on the list. Pilsen is, like, the Wicker Park of southwest Chicago. But being the anything of southwest Chicago really isn’t that great of a thing to be most of the time. Still, Pilsen is known for its arts community.
    *Bridgeport is the first South Side neighborhood to appear here. I can’t say that I know anything about it. Speaking of the South Side, I’m kind of surprised Hyde Park didn’t make the cut. Not a hip neighborhood at all, but you’ll find a ton of college hipsters smoking clove, and probably the highest number of coffee shops per capita of any neighborhood thanks to the University of Chicago.

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