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The Value of Chicago’s Neighborhood Blogs to Home Buyers

  • March 8, 2011

by Jacqueline Zenn

Anyone who has lived in Chicago or considered making it their home has likely heard someone say “Chicago is a city of neighborhoods”, a phrase used to describe the unique characteristics of the different communities and enclaves that make up the city. While spending time in a given area is by far the best way to get to know what makes it interesting and special, it is hardly practical for most. However, prospective home buyers and potential new residents can check out the many independently-run neighborhood blogs as a way to get a quick primer on the various facets and idiosyncrasies of a given area.

Here are some blogs that UrbanTurf deems worthy of checking out:

  • Sloopin – A blog that is “devoted to all that is and all that could be life in the South Loop”, Sloopin keeps a close eye on new construction, retail, dining, and any other changes in the South Loop. Recent posts include a progress report on Scout (a new restaurant opening soon), speculation on what is going to be done with a parcel of land just south of Roosevelt, and an announcement about Story Week, a writer’s festival held by South Loop institution Columbia College.
  • Broken Heart of Rogers Park – With a heavy emphasis on local politics, Broken Heart of Rogers Park covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods.
  • Rogers Park in 1,000 Words – Written by long-time resident Bill Morton, this blog offers a slightly more positive view of Rogers Park with excellent visuals (a picture being worth a thousand words and all).
  • Hard Scrabbler – Hard Scrabbler is a blog that includes meaty posts on Bridgeport’s businesses (new and old) as well as other important topics. In fact, UrbanTurf readers would likely be interested on Hard Scrabbler’s most recent post on the Bridgeport real estate scene.
  • Hyde Park Progress – This blog provides weekly updates and reports on new developments, construction, and other improvements in the Hyde Park community.
  • Edgewater Community Buzz – Covering community news in Edgewater and nearby Andersonville, this blog features updates on local crime and other unsavory activities as well as updates on new business openings and events. There are even posts when neighborhood pets go missing.

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  1. Levois said at 12:40 am on Friday March 18, 2011:

    Those are all very good blogs. I hope you also check out this blog out of Chicago’s 6th Ward @ Hopefully we’re one day worthy of being checked out. smile

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