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Smoke-Free Condos in Illinois?

  • February 21, 2012

by Erin Calandriello


Smoke-free bars and workplaces have been the norm in Chicago for the past few years, but that standard could soon apply to condos.

If a new law were to pass, smoking could be banned in all condos across the state, Chicago Agent Magazine reported yesterday afternoon.

From Chicago Agent:

Proposed by State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, the law would codify the smoking ban in Illinois’ Condominium Property Act. Previously, such a power was only available to condo associations through bylaws. “Secondhand smoke can cause health problems ranging from a sore throat to asthma symptoms to lung cancer,” said Feigenholtz. “If a condo resident’s smoking can imperil a neighbor’s health, then condominium associations should be able to impose building smoking restrictions.”

Several condos and apartment complexes have already addressed the smoking issue including 1418 N. Lake Shore Drive, where the condo association amended its own rules to only permit smoking in units with single rooms that featured association-approved, self-contained air-treatment systems; the AMLI 900 apartment building in the South Loop also prohibits smoking inside its walls.

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