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College Students Renting Out Mansions on the Cheap

  • December 19, 2011

by Erin Calandriello

Mansion available for rent in Evanston

Living in a mansion with cathedral ceilings and doing homework from jetted whirlpool tubs seems like every college student’s dream. And, as NBC reported recently, it’s become a reality for some University of California-Davis students.

“The empty McMansions of Merced (California) have begun to house a growing student population,” NBC’s George Lewis reported.

The report explained that low home prices have given college students the opportunity to rent five-to-six-bedroom homes for much less than campus dorms, which are cramped and cost upwards of $12,000/year.

Could this happen in Chicago?

In Evanston, home to Northwestern University, there are several huge homes available for rent that would cost 5-6 roommates about $400 to $800 per month per person. (Take this six-bedroom abode on the 1800 block of Asbury Avenue that can be rented for $2,500/month.) Anyone out there no what room and board for the year at Northwestern comes to these days?

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